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Electricity and Natural Gas Procurement

The procurement of energy services has become increasingly more difficult to understand. There are many strategies a business can take based on the amount of usage and risk tolerance. Whether you’re a Property manager, property owner or business executive the purchasing of energy is inevitable. We have to keep the lights on right? Very few organizations have an expert on staff to navigate the complex world of energy procurement.

The one aspect of energy procurement many businesses don’t understand is that energy procurement is a strategy. Energy is a market based transaction and like any market the price fluctuates. Like the stock market there are highs and there are lows. There are better times to buy than others. You wouldn’t invest in the stock market when the market is at a high so why would you buy energy when the market is high? You wouldn’t right? But how do you know when the market is high or low. Well this is a trick question because no one can predict a market so in the world of energy procurement we use the utility as a baseline for purchasing and build pricing models to best predict the time to buy or extend a contract. The utility in the energy world is the company or companies who provide the delivery of energy services to a property or business.

Power Logix closely monitors the utility and dozens of suppliers across the country in all deregulated markets. We do not sell energy we assist you in the procurement or purchasing of energy to best meet the objectives of your organization. You wouldn’t buy stocks without the assistance of a broker or money manager so why would a business purchase energy without the expertise of an energy broker. Managing an energy portfolio is like managing a stock portfolio, you need to constantly monitor the markets to best determine the right time to buy. Power Logix uses sophisticated technology to aid in the research, financial modeling and procurement of energy services.

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    Other Power Logix Services

    Building Efficiency

    With the advancement in technologies the goal of an energy efficient commercial, industrial or municipal building or campus has become increasingly more realistic. Energy is one of the top five costs for a business or property. Energy consumption in the us is a $400-billion-dollar market according to the US Department of Energy. Lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, HVAC consume 70% of all building energy. These internal systems can have a dramatic impact on the amount of energy a building uses and purchases. Commercial and Industrial buildings are responsible for 45% of all greenhouse gas emissions and they waste approximately 30% of the energy they consume. The fact here is most buildings need minor, some major improvements to decrease the amount of energy used, waste and emissions.
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    solar development

    Solar Development

    In the 1800’s wood was the primary source of energy accounting for about 90% of energy production. As natural gas, petroleum and coal expanded use the US became less reliant on wood. Today we have solar, wind, biomass, hydropower and biofuels create alternative and renewable energy source. Many of these sources are impractical or too costly to build on a small scale. The one renewable energy source that is cost effective for a business or homeowner is Solar. In 2014 about 13% of energy in the US was generated from renewable energy sources but only 5% from Solar, making solar increasingly more attractive for business who own land or have large unobstructed rooftops. So what is Solar energy and why should I consider this as a strategy.

    Demand Response

    Demand response is shifting the generation of electricity from the grid to your own local power generation facility such as a generator or multiple generators. The grid experiences occasional system emergencies or sudden surges of peak demand. Demand response is a program that allows the suppliers to lessen the burden on the grid by having contracted customers use local power generation for specified period of time. If you are a property manager, portfolio owner or building owner you usually have emergency generators for building systems such as elevators, lights etc.
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    solar development

    Portfolio Management

    CPM Market Manager actively reports market buying opportunities to the energy buyer, manager, and seller through a combination of automated data feeds, comparative analytics, and real-time email alerting. While most services bring you to their website for analysis, our web solutions bring you the results via user-defined reporting and email notification.

    Take control of your energy costs with Power Logix energy purchasing technology

    Power Logix provides you and your business a quick and easy way to shop for your electricity and natural gas services. Our technology allows us to create an RFP and invite top tier suppliers in your geographic area to bid on your electricity and natural gas services. Our platform will save you time and money. With all suppliers bidding on your services Power Logix puts purchasing control in your hands and not the suppliers. Our system is fully automated including electronic contracting and paperwork.

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